About Me

Over my teaching career, I have taught high school general education English and a few English elective classes.  I have also had the opportunity to work as a technology mentor in my district, a technology instructional coach, and have gotten to co-teach, allowing me to work with diverse learners with unique academic needs. I have also served on my district’s English/Language Arts curriculum alignment committee where I have had the chance to help develop and fine-tune the English curriculum across secondary grade levels.  

As an educator, my focus is on empowering students to feel engaged in their learning.  I enjoy creating lessons and facilitating projects that appropriately scaffold the learning process and offer students opportunities to produce relevant, challenging work.  I also enjoy using educational technology to redefine the learning process.  

Moving forward, I am excited to have the opportunity to work as an animation instructor for a technical school summer program.  I am working towards getting my CTE and library endorsements and plan on completing my National Boards certification once I’ve finished my endorsements.  I am also eager to use what I have learned in my digital education leadership program to work with other educators to bring powerful educational technology learning into more classrooms.