6. Content Knowledge & Professional Growth

ISTE standard 6 requires that technology coaches be lifelong learners who engaged in continuous learning to deepen their knowledge and craft their coaching skills.  Technology coaches are also expected to frequently evaluate and reflect on their learning and use what they learn to set goals and make contributions to the field.

To show my competency in meeting this standard, I reflect on many of the professional development experiences I have had and set goals for my future as I develop my role as a technology coach.

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a. Engage in continual learning to deepen content and pedagogical knowledge in technology integration and current and emerging technologies necessary to effectively implement the standards.
b. Engage in continuous learning to deepen professional knowledge, skills, and dispositions in organizational change and leadership, project management, and adult learning to improve professional practice.
c. Regularly evaluate and reflect on their professional practice and dispositions to improve and strengthen their ability to effectively model and facilitate technology enhanced learning experiences.