6 a.

Engage in continual learning to deepen content and pedagogical knowledge in technology integration and current and emerging technologies necessary to effectively implement the Standards•S and Standards•T

While I have had many learning opportunities over the past few years, my favorite professional learning experience by far was when I attended NCCE in February of 2016.  I really enjoyed this conference because I attended it with both members of my master’s cohort and my tech mentor group colleagues from my school district.  I appreciated the element of choice at this conference because I was able to select learning sessions based on content relevant to my district and professional role.  I particularly enjoyed the session titled 30 in 50: 30 Brand New Tech-Savvy Tools for your Classroom because the presenters, Mike Agostinelli and Jason Neiffer, shared current and emerging technology tools that I was excited to then use or share myself.  I’m excited to attend NCCE next time it is in Seattle!

The very inspiring keynote speaker, Kevin Honeycutt, and I posing with his 3d printed guitar at NCCE 2016.

Another highlight of my professional learning has been the EdCamps that I have attended over the last few years.  In fact, the first EdCamp I attended was hosted by my school district and it’s actually where I met the instructor for my Digital Education Leadership master’s program, David Wicks, along with members of the cohort ahead of mine.  I have enjoyed getting opportunities to both lead EdCamp sessions and to be a participant and learn from my peers! I have learned that I really enjoy the learning model that technology trainings have followed, specifically EdCamps and NCCE, as they allow participants to select topics that are relevant to their practice and encourage collaboration among peers. 

Members of the DEL program attending an EdCamp at Seattle Pacific University.


Me posing with the Lake Stevens EdCamp sign as part of a digital scavenger hunt.