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Troubleshoot basic software, hardware, and connectivity problems common in digital learning environments.

My role as a technology mentor allows me to meet with other educational technology leaders from all schools and grade levels in my district.  While we have ongoing communication through our Google + community we also get to meet in person once a month to discuss new digital tools, troubleshoot any common tech. issues we see in our schools, and plan for professional development opportunities.  It is my responsibility to provide tech. training during staff meetings and work with staff individually to troubleshoot educational technology.  Essentially, if someone has a question about one of the programs we use, such as a G Suite tool, Hapara, Skyward, Homeroom Premium, or another, I am here to help them troubleshoot!  

In my role as a tech. mentor I have created several resources to guide teachers through using various educational technology.  One resource that proved to be particularly useful was the one I created on changing passwords in our various online programs.  This was created to encourage teachers and students to change their passwords to protect their digital identity, part of our push for digital citizenship.

In order to empower educators to feel more confident when troubleshooting on their own, I also wrote a blog post titled Empowering Teachers to Create Effective Learning Environments.  In this post I reflect on some of the common concerns educators have when Embracing Digital Learning, outlined below.