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Model effective classroom management and collaborative learning strategies to maximize teacher and student use of digital tools and resources and access to technology-rich learning environments.

My work in the DEL Master’s program and experiences as a classroom teacher have given me many opportunities to explore best practices in classroom management and collaborative learning strategies.  I have enjoyed exploring strategies to get students engaged in learning.

In regards to collaborative learning strategies specifically, I have made use of many social tools to facilitate discussions and get all students equally engaged in learning.  I discuss some of these tools in my reflection for indicator 5 a, where I provide an overview of a workshop I created titled “Giving Quiet Students a Voice with Social Tools”.  One of my favorite tools for facilitating a quick discussion is Padlet.  I have included a screenshot below where students explained how a famous hero fit the definition of an “epic hero” according to Joseph Campbell’s description.


Through my learning and experiences, I also began to realize a 21st century classroom is starting to look very different than classrooms in the past.  Not only are classroom management practices changing, but the physical space of the classroom is starting to look different as more educational technology is brought into the school.  With these changes in mind, I created a blog post titled Redesigning Classroom Management Practices in a Digital Environment.  In this, I offer some ideas for redesigning the classroom to fit the 21st century learner.