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Coach teachers in and model effective use of technology tools and resources to continuously assess student learning and technology literacy by applying a rich variety of formative and summative assessments aligned with content and student technology standards.

My school district uses a variety of tools to collect student achievement data and we work with our departments to analyze this data and improve instructional practice.  In my role as a technology mentor I often help teachers in various subject areas troubleshoot and understand how to use the data collection programs we use.  In my role on my district’s English/language arts curriculum alignment committee I work with several educators to look at achievement data to develop curriculum and align standards.

One program we use district-wide is called Homeroom Premium from School Data Solutions.  Students are required to complete performance tasks a few times a year in most core subjects and the scores are uploaded into Homeroom Premium.  This program also links scores from other assessments such as the Smarter Balanced tests and STAR reading and math assessments.  Educators and teachers use this program to look at data over time for classes and individual students.  I use this data to inform my instruction and to work with students to set academic goals.  Below is a graph depicting my student’s growth on the English 9 performance tasks for a portion of the 2016-2017 year.

Another program I have found extremely valuable in collecting student data for in-class formative assessments is EdPuzzle.  This program is not solely meant to collect and store data.  Rather, EdPuzzle allows users to upload video content, add notes and questions, and then send the videos to students as an assignment.  As students watch the video, the program collects data on how much of the video they watch, when they pause or  rewind something, and the questions allow for a quick formative assessment.  This tool has really helped students be more accountable to their learning and shows me evidence of participation.

This screen in EdPuzzle displays information for an individual student.
This screen shows the progress of the entire class in completing the assigned video.