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Coach teachers in and model incorporation of research-based best practices in instructional design when planning technology-enhanced learning experiences.

I have had opportunities to coach teachers in best practices in instructional design through the work in my technology mentors group and on my as well as the content I have produced for this blog.  Currently, I am working with my fellow technology mentors to set up our EdCamp, which will be on August 24, 2017.  This will be our third EdCamp and we always try to have a theme to keep us focused.  Last year our questions were.


  • How do I manage a 1:1 Classroom?
  • How can technology help create resourceful learners?
  • How can I increase student ownership and engagement in my classroom?


This year we will be exploring these same questions but are working to align our focus so it coordinates with the ISTE standards for students, which can be found here.

Image Credit: https://www.iste.org/standards/standards/for-students

My goal for the future is to help more teachers understand the SAMR model and how it can help shape how one views digital instruction. I would like to have my staff participate in this SAMR sort activity and then work to have educators brainstorm and potentially plan lessons that redefine learning.  I would like to design a professional development opportunity that helps educators understand how the SAMR model applies to digital instruction, rather than simply providing digital tools for teachers, like I did early in my DEL master’s program in the infographic titled Redefining Learning through Digital Tools, included below. Maybe I will have a chance to lead this professional development at my district’s upcoming EdCamp!