1 d.

Implement strategies for initiating and sustaining technology innovations and manage the change process in schools and classrooms.

One experience I had to initiate a technology innovation was by working to bring Google Expeditions to my school.  In the spring of 2016 all eighth grade social studies classes and various elective classes were able to experience Google’s virtual reality field trips.  This led to my school recently purchasing a class set of virtual reality viewers, with sets currently being prepared for the middle and high schools.  

My current project to bring innovative digital learning to my district is to help create project based learning (PBL) experiences to my school.  As my practicum project for my master’s program, I worked with my school librarian to understand how she can help facilitate and promote PBL experiences.  My complete project and summary can be found in my blog post The Role of the Librarian in Facilitating Project Based Learning Experiences.  Below I include one resource I created for this project on tips for eliciting high quality student work in PBL. 


Additionally, I had the opportunity to reflect on ways I can initiate creative and innovative technology through exploring the question, “How can an educator best offer a variety of technology based creative platforms (PiktoChart, TouchCast, Google Slides/Draw, PowToons, etc.) in one assignment or project and still make sure that the end result meets the same standards and objectives?” The summary of my findings is included in the Coggle mind map below.