1 b.

Contribute to the planning, development, communication, implementation, and evaluation of technology-infused strategic plans at the district and school levels.

One way I have been able to influence my district’s strategic plan is through my work in the technology mentors group.  This group consists of about fifteen classroom teachers who meet monthly to discuss common trends, share resources, and plan professional development opportunities.  One notable accomplishment of this group is that we have facilitated EdCamps in our district for the last two years with another planned for August 24, 2017!  As this is still under development, below is a screenshot of the homepage information from our 2016 EdCamp, which includes the goals and visions we were working on at that time.

I have also had the opportunity to lead technology workshops and trainings at my school as well as district wide.  The first class I lead was an introduction to Google Classroom and my original resource for that is included below.  I have since lead advanced classes on Google Classroom, on the SAMR model, and on using digital tools to elicit student participation, among other topics. I am eager to have further opportunities to develop and evaluate the school and district technology strategic plans.