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Contribute to the development, communication, and implementation of a shared vision for the comprehensive use of technology to support a digital-age education for all students.

One of the first tasks for my digital education leadership program was to complete a digital readiness project.  This project required me to interview the administrators at my school as well as my district’s technology coordinator in order to gain an idea of the development, communication, and implementation of the vision for digital learning in my district.  Looking back, this was a tremendously valuable project as it helped narrow my perspective and give me a clear idea of where my district was at in terms of digital learning as well as where I fit into the equation. Below, I include some of the more noteworthy takeaways but the complete project can be found in my Digital Readiness Project: A Glance into a Public Mid-High School blog post.

In addition to learning about my district’s digital citizenship curriculum and student access to technology, I enjoyed getting an idea of how educators receive training on digital learning.  I found out the following:

Based on this information, along with responses to my interviews, I developed goals to focus on attaining within five years.  All goals shared the common push to shift from reactive measures to proactive measures when teaching and upholding digital learning.

As stated, the point of the digital readiness project was to gain an idea of where my district was as in terms of digital learning and to use that information to create a vision for of what we should focus on moving forward.  I used my findings from this project to create a digital learning mission statement.  This statement was based on the vision of my school as well as my own vision for what effective digital education looks like.  I still completely stand by this mission statement, although I intend to revise it if the landscape of digital learning or the vision of my district changes.

At the end of my digital readiness project I included the following questions.  I include them again below because, now that I am nearing the completion of my master’s program, I would like to revisit these questions as I continue to grow as a digital education leader in my district.